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From a very young age we are all taught through stories.  The best way to transfer knowledge is undoubtedly also through stories.  Your life is a story that is played out each and every day and if you were to tell anybody about your day and your life it would be in the form of a story.
We use the web to convey a story, telling everybody a little more about us.  We use to inform our friends on what we are up to, we use  to host our photos and through that tell visual stories.  We use  to tell our friends what we are up to during the days and then we use  to inform friends of what news we find interesting.  There are so many “life streams” we use to convey the story of our digital lives and I do not think I can really  mention each and every single one of them.
A few months ago I wrote about  where you can create a page where all these different streams come together on one page.  
I have now found a website which offers this same service but with a number of added features. I love the fact that you can completely customise the look of your website.  The page now feels like a website rather than a list of items.   
You can take your information and create digital stories from your photos and information as it is mashed together into one information source.
There are a long list of websites from which you can add your streams and you can also add RSS feeds from any website or blog.  
Teachers and trainers should take special note as they can add feeds from knowledgeable websites in specific subject fields and create streams of information for their students or staff.  You can even create your own news stream from a number of news websites and have it all on one page.  The best part is that it will always be up to date as it will be updated each time one of your sources are updated.

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