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Let me Google that for you!

Every office has at least one person who are always asked “where can I find more information about this on the web?”  or “where can I get links to get information for my child’s school project?” .  
What you then have to do is to go to Google and type the search and then copy and paste the results into an email for the person who asked you and send it off to them.  
I am usually that guy and sometimes I think wonder why the person who sent me the request could not just have typed the enquiry into Google.  Especially when I know that they are quite computer literate and they know how to use Google.  I love to help people when I know they are not able to use the Net or if they don’t have access, but not when I know that they are just lazy.
The guys who created  also used to get asked to do searches for everybody and they just one day decided to make a point.  
When you go to you enter the enquiry into the search box, just like with Google.  Now click on search.  You now get a link that you can send to the person who sent you the request.
When they click on the link they will be taken to a page that will give step by step instructions on how to do the search themselves and also end with the Google results. I love the fact that after the animation is played a button appears with the words “Now was that so hard?”
This is a fun little website that you can send to the boss next time he asks you to do a search on Google for him/her.  Start the year with a little tongue in cheek humor in the office!  

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